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About Foundries in India

Metal castings are produced in a foundry. Metals are melted into a liquid to cast them into different shapes and sizes. It is then poured into a mould and is removed from it once it starts to cool and solidify. The most common metals that are processed are aluminium and cast iron.

The process of casting is centuries old. Approximately 90% of manufacturing goods depend on this for its components and parts. Car and trucks are the largest markets for iron castings. Some non-ferrous metals are also used either for casting or as alloys added to steel.

History of Indian Foundries

Indians have known the art of metal casting since 3000 B.C. World attention has been drawn towards the famous iron pillar that is 7 meters tall and weighs up to 7 tons for its excellent state of preservation for about 25 centuries, situated at Mehrauli, near Delhi. This is one testimony of India’s skilled metal craftsmanship.

The modern foundry industry had its origin in Kolkata during the British rule to meet the needs of Indian Railway, textile, and allied industries.

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Growth of Foundries

In 1850, there were just 13 foundries in India. This number grew up to 294 units in 1925. The post-independence phase saw major growth in this industry, there were 1660 units at the beginning of the Five Year Plan which went up to 4325 units in 1982, with a 62% increase.


This rapid growth owes mainly to the setting up of automobile, chemical, engineering, aeronautical, textile, etc. industries and the subsequent expansion in them.

Current Situation of Foundries

Casting production is considered as one of the main factors that are influencing the development of the world economy. This industry has gained a lot of success in the last few years. This shows a way of further development of this technology. Currently, there are more than 5000 units of a foundry in India and they have an installed capacity of approximately 7.5 million tonnes per anum.

Future Prospects for the Indian Foundries

Aluminium is the most popular metal after steel. Therefore, its global consumption is expected to rise to 120 million tonnes by 2025. This demand is changing the face of India’s foundries. With this growing market for complex aluminium castings, the future of Indian foundries is Aluminium.

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