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Drainage Channels: Which One Is The Best For Your Project

If your project lies around commercial and public spaces, choosing the correct type of drainage channel is essential to work for you. The wrong choice won’t only result in affecting the reputation of your company but also might put everyday people in dangerous situations. Before picking a specific type of drainage channel, you should consider a few factors like loading capacity, material, the purpose it will be used for, etc.

To help you out, here are different types of on-surface, drainage channels you can use for your project, majorly based on their loading ratings. Select the most appropriate type after which you can buy your product from a well-known heavy-duty drainage channel manufacturer in India for best results.

For Driveways

The drainage channels with B125 load ratings are the most suitable ones for domestic driveways. They can easily sustain the weight of family cars and vans. These channel gratings are made up of galvanised steel and are capable of withstanding light and average cars.

For Domestic Projects

For light-duty drainage works like in gardens, pedestrian areas, patios, etc., choose a drainage channel with an A15 loading rating. The material typically used in such type is polypropylene plastic or galvanised steel. Such channels are only suitable for the areas mentioned above as they can’t hold a heavier load.

For Car Parks

For car parks, a channel rated C250 is the best choice for you. If the area is way too commercial, you might as well go for one level up. Such a drainage channel is only suitable for light traffic and private use as it can’t bear a load of more than 25 tonnes.

For Major Roads And Highways

The major road needs a drainage channel that can take up to 30-40 tonnes of load. D400 is the best type of channel for such heavy traffic public areas. This type of channel can also be used for public car parks.

For Airports

To stand the weight of a moving aircraft, you need the toughest and most heavy-duty drainage channel. F900 rated channels are the only suitable channel for this purpose. They come in ductile iron material with a concrete channel reinforced with fibre. They can withstand weight up to 90 tonnes and are extremely heavy-duty drainage channels.


To save assets and properties from damages inflicted by water, installing drainage channels is very necessary. With an ample of variables present in the market today, the process of choosing the right type could be cumbersome.
For more details, visit the website that provides you with the ideal material and help you out in the right direction. Contact only well-reputed heavy-duty drainage channel manufacturers in India for durable and quality products so that the results are satisfactory.