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Why are Ductile Gratings Important?

While working with iron, most people come across two kinds – ductile iron and cast iron. Cast iron has a chemical composition such that after solidification, a large part of its carbon is distributed through the casting as free or graphic carbon in the form of flakes. In case of ductile iron, it is a specially prepared iron treated in the molten condition with small doses of magnesium, cerium and other agents that will cause a large portion of the carbon to occur as spheroidal type of graphite form.

Ductile gratings are always considered the more superior form of iron, especially for construction work owing to its beneficial properties. Some of the advantages of using ductile gratings are:

High Compressive Strength: Compressive strength refers to the pressure that metal can take without changing its shape or form. Ductile iron has higher compressive strength, making ductile gratings ideal for the construction of manhole covers and other elements for the road.

Unbreakable & Durable: Considering that ductile iron is made with materials like magnesium, carbon, phosphorus, silicon and many more such elements, it adds to the strength of the iron, making it unbreakable The high strength also makes it more durable and gives it longer shelf life.

High Strength to Weight Ratio: Ductile iron has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it easier for manufacturers to manufacture lightweight castings, offering up to 50% savings on weight over grey iron castings and which leads to subsequent saving in the cost per piece.

Resistant to Corrosion: The mix of other elements into the iron for ductile gratings makes it resistant to corrosion which can occur in iron when it is exposed to air and water. Corrosion causes a great deal of damage and hence, it is advisable to use ductile iron, especially for manhole covers that are exposed to constant rain, sunlight, wind, etc.

Cost-effective & Less Maintenance: Compared to other metals, ductile iron is cost-effective and owing to its high strength and durability, it requires less maintenance. The chances of theft are also low due to its design, which is generally quite attractive.

For better performance and durability, it is essential to pick the right metal, especially in the construction and automobile industry. Ductile gratings can be a great choice for manufacturing in a cost-effective and safe manner. Govind Steel Company Ltd. is one of the leading and largest foundries in India with an installed capacity of 24,000 MT. Owned by the third generation of the family, Govind Steel has received a number of awards and continues to grow in Eastern India by producing quality grey iron castings and ductile iron castings. To know more, visit