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The casting process includes putting the liquid form of metal in a pattern mold. Therefore, the mold cools down and gets a particular solid shape. Again, the metal casting process has different variations. The foundry industry mainly focuses on transforming these metal frames. These metal frames are then transformed into varied shapes.

According to history, human beings have started the art of metal and foundry during 3000 BC. In India, an iron pillar tomb was found preserved since the 25th century near Mehrauli, Delhi. This tomb is 7-8 meters tall and weighs around 7 tons. In recent times, the contemporary foundry industry was discovered in Kolkata. During British rule, this industry started up. You can see such exquisite examples of metal artisanship in Indian Railways and other textile industries.  

Present Circumstances Of Foundries  

Cast production is one of the leading components, which is influencing the economic growth and development of the world. In the recent readings about economic growth, it is found that the foundry industry has shown rapid growth. At present, in India, there are about 4500-5000 or more units in this foundry industry. All of these units have a capacity of 7-7.8 million tonnes approximately per year.  

Experts have advised that the pandemic has affected all the business sectors, still casting remains constant. The suppliers, purchasers, and foundry owners will continue to remain an important part of the economy both in the US and in India. Casting is required for national defense purposes as well. Therefore, the owners are hopeful about the industry’s growth.

Forecasting Situation Of Indian Foundry Industry  

After steel, Aluminum is considered an indispensable metal. It is expected by 2025; there can be a global consumption increase rate of 125 tones. Hence, this demand can change the shape of the Indian foundry market as well. Most Indian companies will see a higher demand for Aluminum casting metal.
Several Indian Foundry products companies produce a hell of many options for metal casting—for instance, valve box, surface box, manhole frames, grates, etc.  

How Is Indian Foundry Industry Becoming Powerful?  

After the USA and China, India is the third-largest country producing foundry products. Many factors have led Indian foundry companies the grow.  


According to the static reports, it is found India is standing fourth in the automobile industry. The Indian government is leading the development of the automotive industry. In the upcoming years, there is a huge demand for automotive parts and cast metals.

Pipes and Fittings

Recently many people in India are investing in the pipe industry. The pipe and fitting industry is also rising high in the growth scale. PVC pipes, different types of steel, cement, etc., were always in demand in India. The growth of the casting industry will increase at a pace with these materials gradually.


The power supply is required for the electrical types of equipment. Therefore, power generation machine is installing everywhere. It increases the demand of the casting industry.

Steel Cast

For energy sectors, high alloy steel castings are used. They weigh around 200 tonnes approximately.

Cam Units

Voestal pine is used as a primary component in the automobile industry for slide unit making. The best part about this unit is its firm precision and speed.


Indian Government at present is concentrating on the expansion of manufacturing industries. There is a constant demand for casting metal and aluminum in India. However, if the automobile sector reduces the manufacturing weight, then the Indian foundry companies will progress more.