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While we are well-versed with the role of iron in the industrial sector, what’s often confusing is the different types of iron and iron alloys – cast iron, ductile iron, and wrought iron to begin with. It all begins with a metallurgist listing down his requirements – mostly mechanical and then an alloy is suggested. Followed by the above, comes the choice of finalising a certain type of cast iron in the nearest casting foundry.

casting foundry for cast iron manufacturing

‘Cast iron’, the term is used for the iron alloys that are cast in any foundry and ‘ductile-iron’, is one such alloy. Let’s find out what types of iron are cast in a foundry?

  • White Cast Iron: Known for its hardness and abrasion resistance, this alloy cools quicker than other cast irons. It’s often used in bearings and other high-friction applications.

  • Ductile Cast Iron: An alloy of iron developed in 1948, ductile cast iron is a very important alloy for ferrous foundries. Being much less brittle than other cast irons makes this one of the most preferred alloys in cast iron manufacturing.

  • Malleable Cast Iron: This alloy is the predecessor of ductile iron, the famously used and produced in any cast iron foundry. It is a white cast iron that is heat treated for a very long period. It is used for small, thin castings under controlled heat conditions as it is a lot less brittle.

  • Gray Cast Iron: The standard form of “cast iron”  is the great cast iron. It has a graphitic microstructure giving it an excellent vibration damping capacity and great machinability. Things that are made from gray cast iron. White and gray cast irons are extremely similar castings. What sets them apart is their coloring, which is only evident when it fractures. 

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