ISO 9001:2015

61 Years

of experience


Foundries in India


ISO 9001:2015

61 Years

of experience


Foundries in India

The Foundry

Our foundry uses only Specified Pig Iron. Each molted ladle is tested for chemical composition to ensure required quality and test bars are casted for tensile testing.

The patterns are checked at regular intervals for wear and tear.

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Situated on the highway, next to the Ganga River, about an hour from the city of Kolkata, the plant is spread over 10 acres land with a shed area 25,000 sq. meters. The plant has its own electric generating capacity and the unit can run independent of outside electric supply. It also has its own Railway Siding.

The casting are produced from cupolas and it has a number of 10 M/T cranes for handling of material. Green sand as well as dry sand is used for the moulding process for the production of castings.

All the castings produced are shot blasted, packed and loaded into containers in house for shipments. All government formalities are done at the plant itself and the containers sealed in the factory, so time is saved while shipping the containers. We have our own pattern shop manned by highly skilled personnel.


Casting Flexibility

  • Grey Iron & Ductile Iron to International specification.
  • Customized slow-mold cooling and stress relieved.

Casting Range

  • Grey Iron & Ductile Iron to International specification.
  • Grey Iron – 1kg to 20,000kgs.
  • Ductile Iron – 1kg to 700kgs


  • Completely equipped for shot blasting, grinding and inspection.
  • Primer and Epoxy painting facility available as per customer specifications.


    • Wood, Metal and expanded Polystyrenes (thermo Cole).
    • Complete flexibility to use existing pattern equipment and core boxes.
    • Custom designed gating systems.

Core Making

  • Co2
  • Core equipment designed for maximum flexibility
  • Box equipment designed for maximum flexibility


  • George Fisher Air impact High Pressure Moulding Machine.
  • 45 Moulds/hour.
  • Box size of 900mm x 700mm x 300mm (35.43” x 27.55” x 11.81”).
  • Floor Moulding


Melting Department


2 Cupolas – 8MT/hour dIvided blast furnace
2 Induction furnaces – 1MT Inductotherm Dual Track furnace

Production Capacity

2,000 MT per month
Upto 20MT (Single Piece)


20MT/hour fully automatic Sand plant.


Complete physical and chemical lab
Online Spectrometer
Microscope with image analyzer
Load Test Machine
UTM Machines

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